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Speed, Agility and Strength Conditioning

Every sport begins with the same fundamentals of speed, agility, strength, enduaance and flexibility. No matter what sport, T3 Elite Training will develop a personalized program to help you reach your goals.

Multisport Speed Training

This is a skill that is required by a lot of sports. Especially track and field. We can help you improve this and be the best in your sport.

Speed gives you the edge, it gives you time, it gives you control! Let us help you handle speed intelligently.

Strength & Conditioning

This will help the athlete build a solid base and improve their general athletic performance in preparation for their sport.

Semi-Private Training

Individual training is available for all levels and we customize our workouts according to individual needs. The spacing of time between sessions is completely up to the individual. Once sessions are purchased they are valid until used. Our main goals are for our clients to reach their goals and understand how to train SMART.

$80 - 1 session

​$200 - 4 sessions

$250 - 8 sessions

$350 - 12 sessions

$550/month - 20 sessions

Email for private 1-1 packages


Introducing the monthly training! This package is geared towards athletes who are looking for effective ways to remain accountable to working out while measuring their progress. This comes with designated time to help tailor sessions to athlete needs and goals. Offers sessions 3 times a week with flexible scheduling. Enjoy all of this for $550/month.Be one of the 10 to sign up and will give you 75% off our elite gear! Don't wait! Sign up today!

Group Training

Group training will help the athletes motivate each other. This is often recommended for individuals looking to enjoy the sport and get to the next level. The workouts will be customized to fit each group level of skill.

2 - 6people that run the same events or with similar goals.

$30 - per person per session

T3 Sports Stretch

We will stretch you and make sure you feel better after your visit. Stretching is very important and everyone needs a good stretch at least once a week. Come try us out.

$25 per session (45min)



$80 per session

Personal Training

Skill Development

Position Training

Speed & Agility Training

Specialized Camps & Clinics


$40 per session

On-site / Off-site

Periodized Schedule

Performance Testing and Tracking

2 - 6 people with similar goals.

Customized Training Packages


* Monthly packages are the most popular

$80 - 1 session

$200 - 4 sessions

$250 - 8 sessions

$350 - 12 sessions

*$550/month - 20 sessions